User -> Mass Activation/Renew

Mass activation only works if user has enough balance and others parameters are ok. System will not renew on mass activation if user did not pass system validation on several parameters, on this situation you must enable user manually one by one. If you face any issue to renew users in mass activation then try to renew user individually and try to identify why users are not activating/renewing on mass action. System will not continue to renew below users if any user has any issue in front line, system will show that user id with an error message.

Number Attribute Description
1 Packages Select a new package for currently selected users or select current package for all selected users to renew on their same current package.
2 Selected Users Select users one by one by clicking checkbox or select currently showing users at once by clicking top checkbox in all users table. You can also insert users id in the user id box in popup modal, separete multiple ids by comma.