Version 3.21.6

Released on 21 Apr 2024

Added Ticket Open & Closed In Separated Menu.
Fixed Sub Dealer Loading Issue.
Major Updated On SMS 7 Days, 3 Days, 1 Day.
Many More...

Version 3.21.4

Released on 12 Apr 2024

Added Android Mobile Application (Only For Client)
Added Extra Fee For Payment Gateways In Settings (Flat Rate/Percentage)
Added Extra Fee For Invoice In User Service Settings
Added HRM Module For Resellers (Resellers Now Can Add Their Own Staff)
Updated Ticket Modules With API, Permission & HRM Management
Update All Resellers Table With Search
Update SMS Functionalities & Fixed Bug
Updated JazzCash Payment Gateway Integration
Updated Private & Global Note For Both User & Reseller
Many More...

Version 3.20.8

Released on 22 Feb 2024

Added Volume Information In invoice
Added Volume Information In SMS
Added Note In Client Portal
Added CoA Logs For Better CoA Management
Fixed Duplicate SMS Sending Issue
Fixed Mass Settings Update Issue
Updated JazzCash Payment Gateway
Many More...

Version 3.20.4

Released on 09 Oct 2023

Removed On Typing Search From Users Page For Better Server Side Performance.
To Execute Search You Must Click Outside Of Search Box After Typing Or Search From Filter Modal
. Update Users Filter Modal Update Table's Data Export Permissions Update Offline Users Page Update Ticket Module Update Cashflow Module Many More...

Version 3.20.1

Released on 09 Oct 2023

Updated Franchise, Dealer & Subdealer Listing & Profile Page
Updated Username Searching
Updated MAC Lock Functionalities 
Updated All Users Listing Page
Updated CRON Job & Releated Security
Updated Ticket Module
Updated Package Module
Updated Ipv6 Display Issue 
Updated API Query
Many More…

Version 3.19.3

Released on 25 Sep 2023

Added User Mass Settings Update On All Users Page
Added Multi Delete Options in Prepaid Tokens Module
Fixed NAS Limit Issue From Previous Version
Major Update in Bkash Payment Gateway Integration
Updated Resellers Permission & Settings At Reseller’s Profile Page
Fixed Hotspot BW Speed Live Graph Set To MB
Set Expired Pool To Expired, Disable & Disable Connection Users
Major Security Update
Many More…

Version 3.18.10 (Stable)

Released on 25 July 2023

1. Fixed Multiple MAC Address Issue On User Profile
2. Fixed Static IP & IP Netmask On User Profile
3. Improved Stale Session Issue
4. Improved Online/Offline Page
5. Improved Login Log & Usage Log Search For Ipv6
6. Many More...

Version 3.18.3

Released on 29 May 2023

1. Added Ipv6 Functionalities (Reinstall Required On Ubuntu 22.04 64 Bit)
2. Added Zal Pro API Only For User Module 
3. Added Jazzcash & EasyPaisa On Reseller Dashboard 
4. Added Payment Button On Reseller Profile For Admin/Staff   
5. Added Expired, Used, Quota Over Tokens Delete Options
6. Added Permission For Token & Pre-Paid Card On Resellers Profile/Settings
7. Added Token & Pre-Paid Card Option On Menu For Resellers
8. Added Token & Pre-Paid Card Permission For Staff
9. Added Dashboard Counter To Staff
10. Added Quick Search Module Enable/Disable Option In Settings
11. Added Action By Username In All Accounting Modules
12. Improved Transaction ID In All Accounting Modules
13. Remove Extra Fee Option From Invoice
14. Many More...

Version 3.17.9

Released on 25 Mar 2023

1. Fixed NAS IP Add/Update Issue

Version 3.17.7

Released on 18 Feb 2023

1. Fixed Static IP Related Pool Issue
2. Added EasyPaisa Payment Gateway
3. Many More...

Version 3.17.6

Released on 30 Jan 2023

1. Fixed Expiration Date Issue
2. Fixed Admin Delete Issue 
3. Fixed City, Area, Subarea Id issue on Export Module
4. Fixed Reseller Enable/Disable Issue For Users Status
5. Fixed Duplicate NAS IP Issue
6. Many More...

Version 3.17.0

Released on 5 Nov 2022

1. Optimized & Tune Dashboard
2. Optimized & Tune Database
3. Optimized & Tune Radius Logs
4. Added Payment Gateway Transactions Details
5. Update Logs Reports
6. Update All Profiles
7. Update Token For WiFi & Pre-Paid Card Modules (PDF/Card Printing)
8. Update Mass User Import/Update (CSV File Changed) (Bulk Users Update Possible Now By CSV File)
9. Update Payment, Ledger, Invoice, Sales Reports
10. Update Fixed Expiry, Custom Expiry Accounting
11. Update User Data Export & Added Re-Import CSV File (Easy To Transfer Users To Another Zal Pro)
12. Update Many Internal Major & Minor Features/Issues
13. Many More...

Version 3.16.2

Released on 14 Sep 2022

1. Optimized Dashboard For 20K+ Users
2. Optimized & Tune Database
3. Fixed Stale Session Issue (More Stable & Faster To Clear Now)
4. Fixed Ledger Profit Display Issue For Resellers (Very Important)
5. Fixed All Users Page Online/Offline Time
6. Fixed All Users Page Mass User IDs Selection/Deselection Issue
7. Updated Usage Log, BW CoA, SMS & Invoice Module
8. Updated Many Internal & Minor Issues
9. Many More...

Version 3.15.8

Released on 10 Jul 2022

1. Fixed CoA For BW/No BW Speed 
2. Update Fixed Expiry Date Issue 
3. Many More...

Version 3.15.7

Released on 01 Jul 2022

1. Added Map In User Portal
2. Added User Documents & Type With Uploaded Images At User Profile On Both Admin & Client Portal. If You Add Documents As Image It Will Be Visible On User Profile.
3. Added SMS Sending Option In User Profile. You Can Easily Send SMS To Users From Profile.
4. Added Filter Option On Export Module To Easily Export Users By Salesperson.

5. Updated User Profile Service Settings
6. Update Users Filter With NAS, Join Date, Activated Date

7. Major Update On SMS To Send Bulk SMS With Powerful Filter
8. Major Update On Token

9. Fixed Franchise, Dealer & Subdealer User Limit & Sub-Reseller Limit Permission Settings
10. Fixed Mass Activation Duplicate Activation Issue (2 Mins Activation Limit)
11. Fixed Package Fixed Exipry Date & Accounting Overflow To Next Month Issue
12. Fixed New Users Counter On the Home page
13. Fixed JazzCash Session Issue
14. Many Internal Functionalities Improved

15. Many More...

Version 3.15.5

Released on 25 Apr 2022

1. Added Bkash Payment Checkout & Webhook For Both Users/Resellers (BD)
2. Added Quick Action Button In User Panel
3. Added Duplicate Phone, NID & Email Validation With Related Settings
4. Added Firewall Rules For API Static IP

5. Fixed User Update Area Issue In User Profile
6. Fixed New User Registration Date Issue
7. Fixed User Password Change Issue
8. Fixed Payment Filter Issue
9. Fixed Salesreport Filter Issue 
10. Fixed CoA Normal Speed Issue
11. Fixed Token Duration Issue
12. Fixed Cashflow Sum Issue
13. Fixed Router OS API Call Timeout
14. Fixed Package Related Permission Issue (Only Primary Admin Can Add Package In System)
16. Fixed Static IP Pool Issue, Pool Will Be Auto Removed On Adding Static IP

17. Updated User Login Log For Performance
18. Improve JazzCash Payment Gateway Integration

19. Many More...

Version 3.15.0

Released on 09 Mar 2022

1. Added SSLCommerz (BD) For Both Users/Resellers Payment
2. Added JazzCash (PK) For Both Users/Resellers Payment
3. Added Razorpay (IN) For Both Users/Resellers Payment
4. Added Nagad (BD) For Both Users/Resellers Payment
5. Fixed Auto SMS Issues
6. Fixed CoA Issues (Auto BW)

7. Updated Framework Core System (Major Update)
8. Updated Payment Reports
9. Updated Ledger Reports
10. Updated Balance Reports
11. Updated Sales Reports
12. Updated Cashflow Reports
13. Many More...

Version 3.14.0

Released on 20 Feb 2022

1. Added Razorpay (India) For Resellers Payment
2. Added Creating New Custom Invoice
3. Added Various Alerts In User Profile
4. Added Global Note In Users Profile
5. Added Payment Time Limit Frequency 2 Mins.
6. Added Activation Time Limit Frequency 2 Mins.
7. Added MAP In User Profile

8. Major Update On Radius (AAA)
        - Username & Password Case Sensetive
        - User Must Dial With Same Case Format
9. Major Update On CoA/Auto Changing Bandwidth Based On Package Settings
10. Updated Users Usage Session Time & Bandwidth Calculation                
11. Updated User Graph (Graph Will Freeze After 10 Mins. To Reduce Router CPU Load)
12. Updated User Profile Mis-Match NAS IP Error
13. Updated Package Auto Load Issue
14. Updated Ledger And Payment Transaction ID 
15. Updated Ledger Report
16. Update Settings Page For SMS OTP
17. Fixed Language Issues
18. Fixed Mass Delete Issue In Resellers Panel
19. Fixed Homepage Quick Search For Subdealer
20. Fixed Dashboard MAP Issue
21. Fixed Reseller Profile Package Delete Issue Releated To Subresellers

22. Many More...

Version 3.13.1

Released on 27 Dec 2021

1. Added Auto Fix Wrong Pool                                        
2. Added Auto Disconnect Wrong Pool Users

3. Update Expiry SMS Notification 	
4. Fixed Cashflow Ajax Issue
5. Fixed Auto Renew Pool Issue
6. Fixed Reseller Payment Redirection Issue
7. Many More...

Version 3.13.0

Released on 14 Dec 2021

1. Added Disconnect User & Force To Clear Session At Online Page
2. Fixed Live Graph For Offline Users & Filter Issues
3. Fixed Auto Renew Issue
4. Fixed Auto Renew Disconnect Issue
5. Fixed Logo & Favicon Upload Issue
6. Fixed Profile Enable/Disable Status Issue (Visit Reseller Profile Settings)
7. Fixed SMS Issue (User Should Get 1 SMS At Least Of 1,3,7 Days)

8. Updated CoA Disconnect
9. Updated User Profile 
9. Many More...

Version 3.12.9

Released on 19 Nov 2021

1. Added New Payment Gateway For Both Reseller & User End (Nagad For Bangladesh)
2. Added SMS OTP On Client Registration

3. Fixed SMS Issue
4. Fixed Online/Offline Filter Issue
5. Fixed Policy & Pool Issue On Package Update
6. Fixed General & BTRC Download Issue
7. Fixed PPPoE, Hotspot And Static IP API Issues
8. Fixed Razorpay Payment Redirection Issue

9. Updated Live Bandwidth Usage Graph Bits to Mbps
10. Major Update On Cashflow Module
11. Major Update On Package Module
12. Major Update On User Profile
13. Many More...

Version 3.12.7

Released on 18 Oct 2021

1. Added New Payment Gateway (Go Sell For Middle-East)
2. Added Filter & Server Side Loading In Ticket (Major Update)
3. Added Reseller Package Price Validation
4. Fixed Pre-Paid Tokens Search
5. Update Radius Online/Stale Session Page
6. Many More...

Version 3.12.6

Released on 10 Oct 2021

Details Are Not Available

Version 3.12.5

Released on 28 Sep 2021

1. Added Client Panel Separate Settings In Settings Page
2. Added Grace Period (Free/Grace/Extend Expiration By User)

3. Update Prepaid Card Tokens Issues
4. Update Ticket And Update Token Status Check

5. Fixed User Adding Note Issue

Version 3.12.4

Released on 16 Sep 2021

Details Are Not Available

Version 3.12.3

Released on 14 Sep 2021

Details Are Not Available

Version 3.12.2

Released on 11 Sep 2021

Details Are Not Available

Version 3.12.0

Released on 09 Sep 2021

1. Added Prepaid Card Module
2. Added Prepaid Card Recharge In Client Panel
3. Added Token Search Status

4. Fixed SMS Issues, Fixed Nexmo, Twilio, Manually SMS Sending Error
5. Fixed Admin Insert Issue
6. Fixed Token Issue In Resellers Panel
7. Fixed Myprofile Franchise Edit Package Issue
8. Fixed Nagad Payment Link Issue
9. Fixed Client Dashboard Permission

Version 3.11.0

Released on 24 Aug 2021

1. Added Nagad Payment Gateway (Only For Reseller)
2. Added Pay Now Button in Home Page (Only For Reseller)

3. Update Expired Users Pool Issue

4. Fixed BRTC Reports
5. Fixed Problamatic Reports
6. Fixed SMS Renew Issue & Duplicate SMS Issue
7. Fixed Login Log & Homepage Search Issue
8. Fixed Custom Date Issue
9. Fixed Subdealer Role Change Issue
10. Fixed User View Subarea Issue
11. Fixed Settings Update Issue

Version 3.10.5

Released on 23 Aug 2021

Details Are Not Available

Version 3.10.3

Released on 11 Aug 2021

Details Are Not Available

Version 3.10.2

Released on 04 Aug 2021

Details Are Not Available

Version 3.10.1

Released on 20 Jul 2021

1. Added Custom Expiry Date In Activate/Renew Modal (Very Useful)
2. Added Quick User Search In Home Page (Very Useful)
3. Update Invoice, Accounting & Extra Fee Functionalities
4. Fixed Reseller Static IP Issue
5. Fixed Some Accounting Bugs (Very Important)
6. Many More...

Version 3.10.0

Released on 10 Jul 2021

1. Added 3 Login Themes
2. Added Appearance In Settings
3. Added Username In User Login Log
4. Added Password In User Export Data
5. Added User Activation In Profile
6. Added Bandwidth Field In Package
7. Added Reseller SMS Permission
8. Added SMS API Response And Added User ID
9. Added Notice And Ticket SMS Notification
10. Added Table Data length (10 - 1000 Rows)

11. Update User Activation
12. Update Export Package Name
13. Update Admin Permission For Package Fee Viewing
14. Update SMS Module
15. Update User Data Export & BTRC Report

16. Fixed Import User NAS Issue
17. Fixed Client Invoice
18. Fixed Reseller Negative Balance Issue
19. Fixed User Disconnect Issue
20. Fixed Login Log Error, Payment Date Changed To Note
21. Many More...

Version 3.9.5

Released on 26 May 2021

1. Added Download Database From Superadmin
2. Update Balance Report
3. Major Update On User Filter Functionalities
4. Fixed Invoice Revert Ledger Issue
5. Fixed Manual SMS Sending Issue
6. Fixed Some Other Minor Issues

Version 3.9.2

Released on 28 Apr 2021

1. SSH Login Information Are Hidden, Encrypted & Secured
2. Fixed Reseller Delete Permission Issue
3. Fixed User Deleted Permission Issue
4. Fixed All Accounting Issue
5. Fixed SMS Expiry & Expired Delivery Issue
6. Fixed Some Other Minor Issues

Version 3.9.0

Released on 23 Apr 2021

#You Must Check & Update All Packages
#You Must Check & Update Settings
#You Must Check & Update All Resellers Profile Settings

1. Dashboard Optimization (Server Side Sync)
2. Added Random Username & Password Generate
3. Added Username Prefix Character
4. Update Connection Type Selection in Settings
5. Package Update
  - Added Auto Renew
  - Added Auto Payment
  - Added Fixed Expiry Day (Accounting Still Pending)
  - Added Fixed Expiry Time
  - Added Remaining Days
  - Improved Package GUI
  - Optimize and Update Package Related Functionalities
6. Added Resellers Settings & Permission on Profile
7. Fixed Several HRM Permission Issues
8. Fixed Ticket Issues
9. Fixed Cashflow Category Issues
10. Fixed SMS Characters Limitation
11. Fixed and Improved Invoice Isseus
12. Added Note in User Profile
13. Added Note in Admin, Staff, Reseller Profile
14. Added Documents in Admin, Staff, Reselelr Profile
15. Added Online Attributes in User Profile
16. Added Payment Date as Calendar in All Payment Modal/Popup
17. Update Many Minor Issues

Version 3.8.3

Released on 22 Feb 2021

1. Fixed Notice, Ticket Text Editor Issue
2. Fixed User Import City, Area, Subarea Issue
3. Fixed NAS CoA Port Issue in Radius
4. Fixed Mobile & Phone Number Length Issue
5. Fixed Reseller Sales Report Datatable Error Issue
6. Fixed Client Login Redirection Issue on SSL
7. Fixed Ledger Reseller List Issue For Multiple Admins
8. Fixed Jazz Cash Salt Issue
9. Fixed Cashflow Category & Report Issue
10. Fixed User Pool & Expired Pool Shift Issue
11. Set User Default SMS Status To Disable
12. Update Verify Page
13. Update User View Page
14. Update Settings Page
15. Added Reseller Mac Clear Permission
16. Added Dashboard Map Status Option
17. Optimized Dashboard Loding Time
18. Many More...

Version 3.8.0

#You Must Update All Packages
#Set Billing Type, Duration Type etc in All Packages

Released on 24 Jan 2021

1. Added Package Wise Billing Type
2. Added Duration Type in Package
3. Added Fee & Vat in Package
4. Major Improved in Policy Module
5. Improved Cashflow
6. Major Improved in Tickets
7. Added Notice Module
8. Improved All Users Filter & Fields Visibility
9. Added Photo in Users Table
10. Added Quick Action Button
11. Improved Dashboard
12. Improved Mobile Responsive View
13. Improved Jazz Cash Mobile Payment
14. Improved All Profile Page
15. Improved SMS Module
16. Many More...

Version 3.7.1

Released on 21 Oct 2020

1. Route/Links Updates (visit for admin login)
2. Fixed Expiration Time Issue
3. Fixed Ledger Issue For Sub-Dealer
4. Fixed Data Cap Issue On User Profile (Edit Service Section)
5. Fixed Map Latitude/Longitude Issue
6. Fixed Expiry & Expired SMS Notification Issue
7. Update All Tables (Stale Save, Fixed Header, Added Excel, PDF & Column Visibility)
8. Added Zal Pro System Log Reports
9. Many More...

Version 3.7.0

Released on 16 Sep 2020

1. Major UI/UX Design Improved
 - Whole App Re-Design For Better Visibility/Readability
 - Update Admin/Reseller/Staff/User Profile Page, Both Internal Functionality & Frontend UI/UX Design
 - Improved Settings Page A Lot
 - Added OPT & Security Section In Settings
 - Improved Area Listing
 - Added Payment In User Profile Page
 - Improved All Accounting Both Backend & Frontend
2. Major Security Implemented
  - CSFR Token (Every Form Post)
  - XSS Clean (Every Post & Get Request)
  - Sensitive Data Encryption on Client Side To Prevent Data Tamparing
  - Separated Login Pages For Superadmin/Admin/Staff/Reseller/User
  - Login OTP (One Time Password) For Superadmin/Admin/Staff/Reseller/User
  - Secured Internal System & Extra Protection Enabled
  - Secured Files & Folders Browsing
  - Prevent System Links/Functions/Methods Guessing
  - Re-Write All Routes & System Links
3. Updated Routing (Re-Write Every Links & Routes To Make it Short & Easy)
4. Implemented Auto Base URL Setup (No Need To Change In Config File Anymore)
5. Added Hardware ID For Easy Licensing
6. Improved Token & Its Functionality
7. Restriction Of User Update Data From Client Panel
8. Fixed User Connection Password Issue
9. Many More...

Version 3.6.3

Released on 05 Aug 2020

1. Fixed Resellers Permission Issue
2. Secured Login Page & Login Auth Issue
3. Secured Internal System
4. Fixed Offline Users Filter in Subdealer Dashboard
5. Fixed Settings Fixed Date Expire Select Option
6. Fixed SMS Not Sending Issue
7. Update User Edit Service For Data Quota
8. Update User Mass Deletes & Single Delete
9. Many More...

Version 3.6.0

#You Must Renew Your License Before Update (If Expired)
#Do Not Update Zal Pro If Your License Expire

Released on 17 Jul 2020

1. Major Update On Role & Permission Management 
(Create New Role, Assign Staff & Manage Staff Permission Role Based) 2. Update Resellers Payment/Withdraw (Entry Negative Amount To Withdraw) 3. Update User Payment/Withdraw (Entry Negative Amount To Withdraw) 4. Update User Mass Activation & Mass Payment 5. Update User Import Error & Fixed Auto Activation (Only Admin Can Auto Activate) 6. Fixed All Users Page Filter 7. Major Update On User Stale Session 8. Major Update On User Disconnection (On Package Change, Bandwidth Change etc) 9. Major Update On User Accounting
(Fixed Auto Payment, Invoice Delete, Remove Payment Delete) 10. Update Reseller Profit Distribution 11. Fixed Login Log & Connection Log Visibility On Reseller Panel 12. Major Update On System Notification Alert (Multiple Dynamic Notification) 13. Major Update On System License & License Server Status 14. Added Fixed User Expire Day
(You Can Set Fixed Expiring Day Example : 07th Of Every Month) 15. Added Bangladeshi Payment Gateway (Foster Payment) 16. Added Indian Payment Gateway (Razorpay) 17. Added Pakistani Payment Gateway (Jazz Cash) 18. Added Payment Gateway On/Off 19. Added Package Status For User Self Activation/Renew (Only Admin Users) 20. Major Update On User Panel - User Can Self Register - Admin Can Set Packages For User Self Activation/Renew - User Can Choose Package From Package List - User Can Pay From User Panel - On User Payment, User Will Auto Activate/Renew - On User Payment/Activation/Renew User Will Receive SMS 21. Many More...

Version 3.5.0

Released on 01 Jun 2020

1. Update All Users Filter
2. Update Token Module
3. Update SMS Module
4. Update Network Module
5. Added Reseller Role Change
6. Added Reseller Users Transfter To Another Reseller
7. Fixed Bandwidth Allowcation Issue (Back To Normal Speed)
8. Fixed Auto Change Expired Pool on User Renew
9. Update User Service Edit
10. Added Stale Users Separate Page
11. Update Reseller Profile Page
12. Auto Mac Lock Fixed For All Users
13. Added New Report Export
14. Many More...

Version 3.4.2

Released on 12 May 2020

1. Major Changes on Tracking Log (Data Save into Files By Hour)
2. Radius More Stable
3. Update Settings Page
4. Fixed Some Minor Bugs
5. Many More...

Version 3.4.1

Released on 05 May 2020

1. Faster Homepage & Login Page
1. Major Changes on License
3. Many More...

Version 3.4.0

Released on 20 Apr 2020

1. Fixed Homepage & User Profile Monthly Usage Table
2. Optimized Database For Better Performance
3. Fixed SMS Delivery Report
4. Fixed Trakcing Log & Login Log Processing Issue
5. Added Auto Clear Stale Session On/Off
6. Added New Payment Gateway (Paystack)
7. Added Get Request SMS Gateway For Any SMS
8. Added User Activation/Renew Expiry End Time
9. Auto Remove Auth Reject on Auto Renew/Activation/Renew/Service Update
10. Fixed Balance Report Bug
11. Added Reseller Income/Expense Ledger Report
12. Fixed Dealer Listing Issue Under Franchise
13. Added Auto MAC Lock For All Users
14. Many More...

Version 3.3.0

Released on 31 Mar 2020

1. Homepage Monthly Usage Table
2. Fixed Reseller Permission on Package Edit
3. Fixed Bandwidth Policy Operator
4. Fixed Trakcing Log & Login Log Processing Issue
5. Fixed Logout Redirection
6. Improved Settings Page For Better UI/UX
7. Added Two New SMS Gateways
8. Many More...

Version 3.2.0

#You Must Update All NASes
#You Must Update All Reseller's Packages

Released on 06 Mar 2020

1. Fixed Stale Session (Auto Remove Both Zal & NAS)
2. Fixed CoA Issue
3. Fixed Reseller Permission Issue
4. Separate Login Page of Admin & Client
5. Improved Accounting, Invoice etc
6. Fixed Profit Distribution For Resellers
7. Added User Bandwidth Usage Total Counter
8. Many More...

Version 3.0.0

Released on 18 Jan 2020

1. Added African Payment Gateway (PayFast)
2. Added BD SMS Gateway (BulkSMS)
3. Added Home Page Widgets For Expired, Expiring, Disabled & Problematic Users
4. Fixed Changing Bandwidth On Fly Without Disconnect User
5. Improved Accounting, Invoice etc
6. Improved All Accounting For Resellers
7. Added Reseller Self Accounting Reports
8. Added Cashflow For Reseller
9. Improved Activity Logs
10. Fixed Reseller User Delete (Individual & Mass)
11. Added Auto Backup Every Week Only Main DB (Sunday at Night)
12. Added Self Backup By Server Admin at Any Time
13. Removed NAS View Page Online Users
14. Added SMS Template (Custom SMS Text)
15. Added SMS Delivered Reports
16. Keeping All Reports For 1 Year (Login Log, Connection Log, Tracking Log, Activity Log)
17. Many More...

Version 2.9.8

Released on 26 Nov 2019

1. Added Two Local Payment Gateways (BD)
2. Added Hyperlink For Expired, Expiring Users
3. Added Cron, Tracking Server Status & Restart
4. Fixed Tracking Log Issue
5. Improved Client Panel Payment, Invoice etc
6. Improved Security & Fixed Some Bugs
7. Added Bandwidth Policy Indicator
8. Update Package Pool, Data Quota etc
9. Improved NAS API Connectivity (Faster)
10. Added Auto Clear Router Stale Session
11. Added Allow/Disallow User Connectivity On All NAS
12. Admin Can Import User On The Behalf Of Reseller
13. Mass Activation/Renew Optimized & Easier Than Before
14. Added Auto Clear Logs
15. Improved DB Backup
16. Improved & Optimized All Users Page
17. Change Meta Info
18. Many More...

Version 2.9.7

Released on 07 Nov 2019

1. Improved Details in NAS View
2. Update Reseller Accounting
3. Added Problematic, Expiring In Filters in All Users Page
4. Update Payment, Ledger, Balance Report
5. Invoice Server Side Pagination
6. Login Log Server Side Pagination
7. Connection Details Server Side Pagination
8. Added Users Counter in Area, NAS
9. Fixed SMS Auto Notification
10. Many More...

Version 2.9.6

Released on 24 Oct 2019

1. Add Details in NAS View
2. Added User Data Export in Log
3. Update User Disconnect & Disable
4. Update Ledger Report
5. Fixed Stale Session Timing
6. Fixed Import Issue in Reseller
7. Removed Adding IP Address
8. Many more ...

Version 2.9.5

Released on 18 Oct 2019

1. Merged Client Panel
2. Update Package Functionality
3. Update & Fixed API Issue
4. Update Stale Session Removing
5. Update User Disconnect & Disable
6. Fixed Server page Disk Info Error
7. Fixed Accounting
8. Update Payment Report
9. Update Ledger Report
10. Update Balance Report
11. Many more ...

Version 2.9.3

Released on 04 Oct 2019

1. Removed Some Unnecessery Widgets From Homepage
2. Improved on Page Loading
3. Added NAS View Page for NAS Details
4. Fixed Payment Received By
5. Added Server Side Online Users Page
6. Fixed Clear Session Loading Time
7. Added Stale Session Indication
8. Many more...

Version 2.9.2

Released on 14 Sep 2019

1. Fixed Slow Page Loading Issue
2. Fixed NAS API (Support All Versions)
3. Added New Local SMS
4. Improved Log Information
5. Improved Software Update
6. Many More...

Version 2.9.1

Released on 06 Sep 2019

1. Added New Styles 
2. Added Name & Username in Logs
3. Update Mikrotik API
4. Added Multiple Users Delete
5. Auto Disconnect If Userpass Change
6. Fixed User Pass Change Bug
7. Fixed Import User Bug
8. Added Bad Pass Indicator
9. Many More...