User Not Connecting

1. Things You Need To Check In Mikroitk
1. Make sure Zal Pro server is pingable from Mikrotik
2. Check Mikroitk Radius ports are (Lisenting 3799, Auth 1812, Account 1813 & API 8728)
3. Check Mikrotik Pool name & Zal Pro package pool name. Both name should be exactly same.
4. In Mikrotik PPPoE Profile Set Local Address and Leave Blank Remote Address 
5. Use PAP and Chap only in Mikrotik PPPoE Server
2. Things You Need To Check In Zal Pro
1. Make sure you added the user in Zal Pro panel
2. Check if there are any logs in (logs->login-logs) module in Zal Pro
3. Restart Radius from server info page (Top Right Corner)
4. Edit NAS & update again from Network module
5. Activate the user properly
6. Change user password with new password
7. Check user radius attributes and make sure there are at least 3 attributes (password, pool, expiration)
8. Try to understand the issue from log message
9. Try to understand Mikrotik log message