Others API & Server Settings

Number Attribute Description
1 Base URL Insert your linux/ubuntu/zal pro server ip here. Check below Change IP/Domain section for more info.
2 Server IP SSH Login Information Are Hidden, Encrypted & Secure. Ignore If Your SSH Working Fine
3 Server Port Insert linux/ubuntu/zal pro port here. Example: 22
4 Server User Insert linux/ubuntu/zal pro server username/root.
5 Server Password Insert linux/ubuntu/zal pro server password.
6 Dashboard Map Status If you open this options then the home page map will come up, but you must set API.
7 Map Access Token (MapBox API) Insert mapbox access token here for map in dashboard. Check below Map section for more info.
8 Memory Limit Insert your php memory limit here. Do not edit this option if you are not familier with this option. Minimum value should be 256M.